A year after Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico, local Rotary members continue to rebuild homes and lives.

The Rotarian magazine | July 2018

When the BBC offered a quiz titled “Can You Spot the Fake Stories?” I was confident that I would do well. With a master’s degree in journalism, I thought falling for “fake news” only happened to other people. But I was fooled four times on the seven-question quiz.

The Rotarian magazine | Jan. 2018

*Ghostwritten for Jiro Kawatsuma 

When I found my sister, only her bones were left. I had been told that she died in the bombing, so I went to identify her. But when I got to the bomb shelter where she had been hiding with a friend, I only saw two charred bodies. They were unrecognizable. 

The Rotarian magazine | Sept. 2017

We’re lost. My phone battery is low, so I don’t risk draining it to consult Google Maps. Instead, we duck inside a coffee shop and I pull out a paper map while my nine-year-old daughter orders a hot chocolate. The clerk smiles and asks where we are trying to go.

A conversation with Annie Leonard

The Rotarian magazine | Dec. 2016

*This interview won an Eddie award in 2017.

Annie Leonard has toured landfills and testified to the U.S. Congress regarding international waste trafficking. That work, plus a dozen more years studying environmental issues, inspired her to create a series of films about the things we use every day, yet wouldn’t think worthy of a film: our stuff.  

The Christian Science Monitor | Change Agent blog | May 2014

*This piece earned honorable mention at the 2014 MIN awards. 
Howard Buffett is on deadline. In 2006, his father, investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett, challenged him to do something great in the world, and gave him $1 billion to do it. (This interview originally appeared in The Rotarian.)

Say it's so, Joe!

Chicago Tribune | Oct. 2008

Dear Seattle: You may have warmer winters (we won't mention the rain), majestic mountains and Bill Gates -- but Chicago just staged a coup d'cafe.

Playing chicken with one big waterfall

Associated Press | March 2005

Darting past jagged rocks, our speedboat plays chicken with the widest waterfall in the world. I hold my breath as the driver veers straight toward the enormous cascade tumbling down from the cliff overhead. 

AP story in The Seattle Times | Jan. 2005

Timidly taking its first steps in the wild, the young condor perches on a rocky plateau as a hot breeze swirls upward from the barren Patagonian landscape. Raised in captivity, the 1-year-old gathers the courage to attempt its first flight, unfurling its 10-foot wings and flapping skyward - before landing awkwardly on rocks a short distance away. 

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